As individuals we are on a journey of self discovery and we hope that we feel satisfied with our life choices. Sometimes we can feel lost along the way and become confused about what we want and what makes us happy.

Relationships are not static, like everything in life they change and evolve. It is important to notice if you are drifting away from your partner as the quicker you do something positive about that that the better quality the relationship will be. You will also be protecting your relationship from getting so distant that one or both of you get to the place where you don’t even care if you split.

In Couples Therapy I help explore the patterns that have resulted in feeling distant or even more troublesome feeling against each other. Once we know the patterns contributing to pushing your loved one away or shutting down on the other we can discover the way back to each other and how to protect that for life.

My training in Couples Therapy is based mainly on the Gottman Couples Therapy (an extremely well researched and experienced model). This model provides me with the tools to teach couples how to love each other well and how to communicate well. This is the glue of relationships and when done well can result in a satisfying and intimate relationship for life.

Sometimes couples feel they no longer want to try and want to give up. My belief is that sometimes yes we can get so distant or so hurt that we shut down to those feelings of love however, they can come back if healing and changes occur. Sometimes I see clients in the future that regret leaving their partner and thought they didn’t love them anymore only to discover later that they were just depressed or hurt, for example. Hence, it is important to at least give your relationship the chance to see if it can be healed and improved. At the end of the day you can say we did our best we even got help along the way and perhaps you may even find that you have an even deeper, more satisfying relationship than ever before with the new skills you learn in therapy.

Some ingredients of a good life; if you have some of these you are doing well –

Healthy Mind and Body / Hope, Peace, Contentment, Love & Joy / Positive Relationships / Fun/ Healthy Self Esteem / Healthy Self Efficacy / Determination / Commitment / Self Discipline / Future Goals.